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Make love, not victims ! Faites l'amour, pas de victimes !


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Because I was admiring David Benatar's books and all the publicity around it, I looked on the net what's the face of that author. Is he old, young, white or black (good question in this admission policy case), but mainly does he look bright or likable to represent me when I say I like him?

What a shock when I found the most cowardly attitude I dispised during my whole professional life : somebody asking to be hided out of the frame !

Here are the facts :

On September 2nd, 2010   a live debate ( transcription )   on the University of Cape Town’s admissions policy was conducted at UCT with Prof Neville Alexander (Director, Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa - PRAESA), Prof David Benatar (Dept of Philosophy), .   .   .  
David Benatar does not want to be principal of university
This above frame has been taken in part 4/8 at 8 minutes and 53 seconds on Youtube. The operator naturally zoom out and pan-right from judje Dennis Davis who call upon David Benatar to speak. Suddenly, as a frightening mistake, the camera pan-back left, out of that myterious clown hidden with a stupid cap.
Exactly same thing happenend in part 7/8 at 3 minutes and 11 seconds (Youtube time).
This utterly ridiculous way to look down south african television viewers and the whole world net surfers cracked up my admiration.
Specially in this case, where the debate was about race admission in Cape Town University, the colour of the speakers is one of the main reason to have it on TV!
What a disapointment in some TV frames!
I hope to get one day an e-mail from Professor David Benatar, telling me why he ordered such a miserable hide and seek and a promise to give to my south african collegue a bottle of whisky.

THE ORATOR !   !  !
We have to get the hard root
Here are enlargements of the above frame but it's not possible to see what's below the unpolite cap compare to neckties in this assembly.
Even by making such a work, we cannot be sure to see a white or black person in this debate of race.
The only thing we are sure is not to find a close-up on the whole 8 pieces on 8 from that report left on Youtube and we are sure to keep a very bad feeling when the camera drags around on the left part of the conference room when the professor we want to see talks.


Has David Benatar been killed ?

It seems so mysterious that South African television hided a public speaker that we have to find explanations.
Here is a Reuter's press release explaining David Benatar has been killed in a car explosion on north of Paris motorway. The french police thinks its a Moldavian mafia affair.

Ci dessous communiqué de Reuters du 17 mars 2006.:

Article disponible sur le lien suivant :







Piste mafieuse retenue pour la voiture piégée près de Paris


Reuters, vendredi 17 mars 2006


La justice retient la piste du crime organisé dans l'enquête sur la mort d'un homme de 68 ans à bord d'une voiture piégée mercredi dernier près de Paris, apprend-on de source judiciaire.



Le dossier a été transféré du parquet de Bobigny en Seine-Saint-Denis au pôle spécialisé dans le crime organisé de Paris, en raison du mode opératoire, rarement rencontré en France, et d'éléments montrant que la victime avait des intérêts en Moldavie.



David Benatar, un homme d'affaires, a été tué par une charge explosive placée sous sa voiture, alors qu'il roulait sur l'autoroute A1, au nord de Paris. L'explosion a blessé le second occupant de la voiture.



Les policiers enquêtent sur les affaires menées par David Benatar en Moldavie, ex-république soviétique qui abrite des réseaux criminels organisés. Les investigations portent aussi sur des relations de la victime, présumées proches du "milieu".



Des analyses ont été demandées à un laboratoire spécialisé pour déterminer la nature de l'explosif, savoir si la charge était munie d'un retardateur ou a été déclenchée à distance.



Le casier judiciaire de la victime n'a trace d'aucune condamnation pénale, seulement des références à des procédures de faillite de sociétés remontant aux années 1970. Il a bénéficié d'un non-lieu au milieu des années 1990 dans une affaire pénale financière.


Is David Benatar the ghost
of James Jay Lee ?

This ecologist for years asked Discovery Channel (Silver Spring) to put on the air more "green" programs. He has been arrested february 14th 2008 with his ultra terrorist poster (see on left) and got two weeks in prison, without permission to approach Discovery Channel building.
But the first of september 2010, he came back telling he has bombs with him and would make exploded if NBC does not stop to show "John and Kate plus eight" and "19 kids and counting" series.

He was shot down by the police at 4:48 PM (E.T.).

As we can see on the only picts of David Benatar taken from above videos, we can recognize the same cap wich was filmed
the day after in Cape Town (Cap Town?).

It could be moldavian terrorists killing a maffioso and Washington police shooting an ecologist may be different, but we have to admit :
1) It's the same name
2) It's the same cap.

As far as nobody explain me the hide and seek to the camera the day after that ecologist who was shot down had the same cap wednesday september 1st, and the annonce of another killed person wednesday, march 15th 2006 called David Benatar, I have to hypothesise those three persons to be the same ghost; any one who could help me to contact THE alive David Benatar is requested to write me

(N.B. Several time I wrote to David.Benatar@uct.ac.za without getting any answer. Did I make a mistake in thie e-mail adress, even if the mailman-system accepted it?)

This in french
Make love, not victims ! Faites l'amour, pas de victimes !
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